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Tanums Gestgifveri & Hotel is probably the oldest hotel in Sweden that has offered uninterrupted service since it was founded. What is absolutely definite is that the Gestgifveri is the only inn in Sweden that has been in continuous operation since 1663. This was the year that Björn i Hee was given permission to build what today is known as Tanums Gestgfiveri Hotel on the town’s highest point, alongside the road to Stromstad. The building was listed as a cultural heritage in 1983.

In those days, when moving around the country, there were only two ways to do it, on foot or on horseback. There were no places for eating or sleeping. A traveller was often forced to beg for a night’s lodging, usually at a farmhouse or, at worst, sleep outdoors. Finer folk lodged with the local clergy.

In 1615 an order was given that the headman in each district was to provide inns on all highways at intervals of 15 km. These inns should offer horses, food, drink and hay feed. At that time the innkeeper had to abide by certain laws and regulations including that one floor would be for the nobility, one for other honest people and one for those of lower society.


Tanums Gestgifveri Hotel’s rules for rooms and dining room in 1665:

  • Make sure the knife, fork and spoon have not the slightest leftovers from previous meals
  • When serviettes are set out, they should be clean.
  • Cut the bread slices no thicker than 1/4 inch
  • Do not offer travellers rancid butter or foul-smelling eggs.
  • Remove all cigar stubs from flowerpots.
  • Chairs, tables and beds ought to have many legs, so they do not need to be supported by the walls.
  • Keep rooms warm during cold weather, even if not presently occupied by any travellers.


Tanums Gestgifveri Hotel's price list 1782:

  • Meal of two good dishes ... 22 öre
  • Inferior meal of crofter's fare ... 20 öre
  • Dram of distilled spirits ... 4 öre
  • Inferior dram ... 2 öre
  • Bed made up without light and heat ... 6 öre
  • Stable-bed ... 2 öre
  • Log fire in the room ... 4 öre
  • Horse stable…1 öre


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