Tanums Gestgifveri Hotel is probably the oldest hotel in Sweden that has offered uninterrupted service since it was founded. What is absolutely definite is that the Gestgifveri is the only inn in Sweden that has been in continuous operation since 1663. This was the year that Björn i Hee was given permission to build what today is known as Tanums Gestgfiveri Hotel on the town’s highest point, alongside the road to Stromstad. The building was listed as a cultural heritage in 1983.

In the late 1900s, Tanums Gestgifveri took a leading role as a well knowned gourmet kitchen -  with a guest list that includes everyone from royals and business leaders to wedding couples and hungry travelers.

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fyrvik family

Since 2009, Tanums Gestgifveri is run by the norwegian Fyrvik family, who welcomes all guests with great warmth and personal service.

Please ask the family about the inns centuries-old history, and why you can hear creaking sounds in the building, although no one is there...