You and the hotel will agree on the terms for room rental. If no special agreement has been reached, the following rules. For conferences, golf and group bookings, special rules apply.

Booking and confirmation
An order is binding once it has been confirmed. This can be done orally, in writing or by reservation. When ordering, you are obliged to provide your name, address, arrival and departure dates, and method of payment. Different rules apply for different prices.

Arrival and departure
Hotel room is at your disposal from 15.00 on arrival day. Day of departure you must leave by 11.00 am. If you arrive later than 18:00, you must notify the hotel in advance because of the potential that the room is rented to others.

Cancellation and no show
Unless otherwise agreed at time of booking or the price you have chosen has different rules, shall be canceled at the latest at 18.00 the day before arrival. If you fail to arrive without having canceled or cancel later than 18:00, you will be charged for one night.

Early departure and stay indefinitely
Have you ordered for a specified period but depart earlier, you pay the same compensation as a late cancellation. In addition to the price for the time you stayed at the hotel, you pay for an additional day. If you stay at the hotel for an indefinite period and extend your stay by one night at a time, you should notify your departure at 18.00 the day before. Otherwise you have to pay for an extra day. If the hotel can no longer allow you the room available, you are entitled to know the latest at 18.00 the day before departure.

Hotel obligations and your own requirements
Should we not give you a room as agreed, you are entitled to no additional cost to get an equivalent or better rooms in the hotel or hotels of equivalent standard. Please specify preferences when ordering, you are sure that the hotel is properly equipped. If you wish to bring a pet, want the special room, etc. please make this clear when you order room.

For some rates are prepay, which are quoted at time of booking. This amount is deducted from the final bill. If you cancel the room without the cancellation, the hotel is entitled to retain the booking fee / advance payment.
We accept the most common credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, Eurocard. We also accept most foreign currencies.

Storage of valuables and luggage and valuables in your room
Do not leave luggage unattended in the lobby. The hotel can store your luggage in the trunk. Is your property affected by unusually high value, you are obliged to inform the hotel about this. Otherwise, the hotel is not liable for the full value of the property. The hotel has no obligation to keep property that is of high value. The hotel has no strict liability for the property you keep in your hotel room.

Your own safety
Always find out where the emergency exits, alarm buttons and fire extinguishers are located. Look for details in the information inside the hotel room door.