Conference in Tanum

Is it time to replenish your energy and creativity by taking your colleagues to a conference? Tanums Gestgifveri offers inspiring conferences in a historic and tranquil setting. Established in 1663, our premises create a peaceful atmosphere for productive meetings. Whatever the goal of the meeting, a conference with us at Tanums Gestgifveri promotes collaboration and team building. Welcome to a rewarding conference in northern Bohuslän!

Our conference packages include lunch, and during coffee breaks we serve coffee and pastries. At the evening meal, reflecting our west coast location, we also offer seafood as part of the conference package. For those who wish to experience fresh seafood delicacies, there is the possibility to choose our conference package with seafood buffet.

If you are here for several days, you will sleep in our comfortable beds in our quiet hotel and then enjoy a delicious and energizing hotel breakfast in the morning.

We can accommodate groups up to 80 people. You’ll stay comfortably, eat well and get the best possible service without feeling too crowded. We offer heart warming rooms.

Personalized service and quiet environment

At Tanums Gestgifveri we offer personal and first-class service. As a small family-run business, we value our guests and their stay, you are not just one of many.
The peaceful and intimate setting creates a relaxed atmosphere where you can focus on your goals and discussions without stress.
Our friendly and dedicated staff will welcome you with smiles in the hotel and are at your service in the restaurant.
We strive to make your stay the best possible experience.

Tanums Gestgifveri is located in Tanumshede, midway between Oslo and Gothenburg. An attractive location that is very scenic with lots of activities and environments to take part in.

Kayak along the archipelago – go out on a boat and look for seals – take a trip on Tjurpannan. Here in Bohuslän there are lots of activities to take part in as a group. Think about what you would like to do to make your stay memorable.

A warm welcome with your conference request! We look forward to organizing your conference here with us in Tanum on the west coast.

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