Places to visit near Grebbestad

During your vacation on the Swedish west coast, there are plenty of wonderful excursion destinations and attractions. If you need inspiration, you are more than welcome to ask us. We are experts in Bohuslän and the surrounding areas of Bohuslän and Grebbestad.

Welcome to what many consider the front page of Sweden. Here you are offered salt-splashed baths, wonderful moments on the rocks, culinary food experiences and a magical nature.

We at Tanums Gestgifveri know that we offer a comfortable and genuine accommodation and food in the highest class, but we also know that it takes a little more to make the holiday trip complete.

That’s why we’ve put together a few destinations and attractions that we think you should check out when you stay with us.

Tjurpannan Nature Reserve – a powerful experience on the west coast

Tjurpannans Nature Reserve, located just outside Grebbestad, is one of the most impressive nature experiences on the west coast. The reserve offers a dramatic coastline with rugged cliffs plunging into the open sea. Here visitors can enjoy magnificent views, especially at sunset when the sky is colored in warm shades of orange and pink.

Hiking is a popular activity with well-marked trails taking you through varied terrain. For the adventurous, you can climb the cliffs or take a dip in the clear, cold water. The area is also home to a variety of bird species, making it a great place for birdwatching. Pack a picnic and sit down on one of the many rocky outcrops to enjoy the beauty and silence of nature.

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Vitlycke museum – walk through history

Vitlycke Museum is a historical gem near Grebbestad that takes you back to the Bronze Age. Here you can explore fascinating rock carvings that are several thousand years old. The museum offers guided tours that provide in-depth insights into these ancient works of art and the people who created them.

In addition to the petroglyphs, the museum has an interactive exhibition where visitors can try Bronze Age activities such as archery and baking bread over an open fire. This makes Vitlycke an excellent excursion for both children and adults. The museum also has a nice cafeteria and a shop selling replicas of rock carvings and other historically inspired souvenirs.

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Grebbestad port – the heart of tourism on the west coast

Grebbestads Hamn is the heart of this charming coastal town. The port is a lively meeting place where locals and visitors gather to enjoy the maritime atmosphere. Here you can stroll along the quays, watch the fishing boats docking and perhaps buy freshly caught fish directly from the boats.

Grebbestad is famous for its oysters and you will find several restaurants and cafés by the harbor serving fresh seafood and other delicacies. During the summer months, the port is particularly busy with markets, music performances and other events.

For those interested in boating, there are opportunities to rent a boat or join a guided tour to explore the beautiful archipelago outside Grebbestad. The port is also a good starting point for a walk through the picturesque town center with its wooden houses and small shops.

Fjällbacka – a short boat ride from Grebbestad

Fjällbacka, just a short trip from Grebbestad, is another picturesque coastal village that attracts visitors with its beauty and charm. This small village is perhaps best known as the home of crime writer Camilla Läckberg and many of her books are set here.

One of the highlights of Fjällbacka is Kungsklyftan. A dramatic gorge that was used as a filming location in the movie “Ronja Rövardotter”. A hike up Kungsklyftan and on to the top of Vetteberget rewards you with a fantastic view of the village and the archipelago.

Fjällbacka also has a beautiful harbor with restaurants serving delicious food with a focus on local produce. For those interested in history, you can visit Ingrid Bergman Square, named after the famous actress who spent many summers here. Fjällbacka also offers small shops and galleries where you can find unique handicrafts and local products.

The Aries Islands – relaxing in the far west

Väderöarna is an archipelago located off Grebbestad and is one of the most spectacular destinations on the west coast. To get here, you take a boat from Grebbestad. A journey that is an experience in itself with stunning views of the coastal landscape.

The Aries Islands offer a unique natural experience with their rugged cliffs, rich birdlife and crystal clear waters. Here you can hike along the marked trails, enjoy a picnic with a sea view or explore the small islands by kayak.

During the summer, the waters are perfect for snorkeling and diving where you can discover the marine life hiding below the surface. Väderöarna also has a charming guesthouse and restaurant serving local food making it a perfect place for a relaxing weekend or day trip from Grebbestad.

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Kosterhavet National Park – world-class guided tours or snorkeling

Kosterhavets National Park is Sweden’s first marine national park and is a short boat ride from Grebbestad. The national park encompasses a unique marine environment with over 200 different marine species, many of them unique to the area. The park is a paradise for snorkelers and divers who want to explore the rich underwater life.

There is also the opportunity to join guided boat tours that take you around the beautiful Koster Islands where you can experience the unspoiled nature and perhaps spot seals and seabirds. For hikers, there are several trails that wind through the varied terrain of the islands, from sandy beaches to rocky coasts.

The national park also offers excellent opportunities for kayaking, fishing and bird watching. On Nordkoster and Sydkoster there are several small restaurants and cafés where you can enjoy locally produced food and drinks after a day of adventure.

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House of the Sea – when you want to watch bigger animals from the sea than the small shore crab

Havets Hus, located in Lysekil just south of Grebbestad, is a marine aquarium that gives visitors a fascinating insight into life below the surface of the Skagerrak. Here you can see a variety of marine species from small crustaceans to majestic sharks.

Designed to mimic the natural environment of the surrounding ocean, the aquarium features several large tanks that hold everything from colorful fish to starfish and jellyfish. Havets Hus also offers interactive exhibitions and educational programs that are both entertaining and informative.

For children, there are special activities such as petting small sea creatures in the petting zoo and participating in exciting treasure hunts. After your visit, you can enjoy a meal in the aquarium’s restaurant, which has a panoramic view of the sea, or take a walk along the beautiful coastline of Lysekil.

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Nordens Ark – visit the world of endangered animals

Nordens Ark is a zoo and breeding facility located a short drive from Grebbestad. Dedicated to the conservation of endangered species, this unique park offers a great experience for the whole family. Here you can see everything from majestic predators like tigers and snow leopards to rarer species like the Swedish Arctic fox and the Amur leopard.

The park is divided into different zones representing different parts of the world and each area is carefully designed to mimic the animals’ natural habitat. Nordens Ark also offers interactive exhibitions and educational programs that give visitors a deeper understanding of conservation and animal ecology.

For children, there are special activities and playgrounds, as well as the possibility to participate in animal care courses. The park also has a restaurant and a souvenir shop where you can buy organic and fair trade products.

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Shopping in Grebbestad

Shopping in Grebbestad offers a delightful mix of small shops and specialty stores that provide a unique and personal shopping experience. The city center is full of charming shops selling everything from local crafts and art to fashion and interior design.

Here you can find unique jewelry, handmade textiles and Bohuslän souvenirs to remind you of your time in this beautiful coastal town. Grebbestad also has several grocery stores where you can buy local delicacies, including fresh seafood, homemade jams and other specialties. If you’re looking for something special, the markets and flea markets in Grebbestad are a must, where you can find everything from antiques to modern design objects.

For a complete shopping experience, visit one of the town’s cozy cafés or restaurants for a break and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that Grebbestad has to offer. Shopping here is not just an activity, but an experience in itself, where every visit to a store becomes an opportunity to discover something new and exciting.

…or go shopping outside Grebbestad

For those who want to explore the shopping opportunities outside Grebbestad, there are several charming places and unique shops in nearby areas. A short drive will take you to some of the West Coast’s most interesting shopping destinations.

Tanum shopping center

Just a few kilometers from Grebbestad is Tanumshede, which is known for its shopping center Tanum Shoppingcenter. Here you will find a wide range of shops, including fashion, home furnishings, sporting goods and much more.

The shopping center offers both well-known chains and smaller local shops, making it the perfect place to find everything you need in one place.

There are also several restaurants and cafés where you can take a break and enjoy a good meal or coffee.

Shopping near Norway

Strömstad, located north of Grebbestad, offers a lively shopping environment with a mix of international chains and local specialty shops. The city is known for its duty-free shops, making it a popular destination for visitors looking for good deals.

Strömstad also has a wide range of restaurants and cafés where you can relax after a day of shopping. Don’t miss Strömstad’s marina, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea and maybe find some marine souvenirs.

Day trip to Lysekil

Lysekil, located south of Grebbestad, is a larger town with an extensive range of shops. Here you can find everything from fashion and electronics to food and specialty shops.

Lysekil is also home to several markets and events where local producers sell their goods. The city’s central square is a popular place for shopping and socializing.

After a day of shopping, take a walk along the promenade and enjoy the beautiful views of the sea.