The restaurant

Sweden’s oldest restaurant

Welcome to Sweden’s oldest restaurant. Since 1663, Tanum’s Gestgifveri has served dinners to stars and royalty, a tradition we manage with pride. We are certified by “Smaka på Västsverige” as a symbol that we work and focus on locally sourced ingredients. Our guests come here to experience the environment and the great food. The wine cellar is stocked with quality wines from around the world and our knowledgeable staff provide a warm and professional service.

You are welcome to book a table on +46 (0)525-29010 or email info@hoteltanum.se

Restaurant opening hours


During the summer (1/7 – 17/8) the restaurant is open every day of the week.

If you have any special requests or other concerns, you are welcome to contact us at:
+46 (0)525-29010 or info@hoteltanum.se

Summer buffet

We serve a summer buffet every day of the week with hot and cold dishes.

Price: 395 SEK per person including coffee and cake

Seafood buffet

Every Friday we serve our popular seafood buffet. (Note: Not served during the summer period June 21 – August 15)

What would the Swedish West Coast and Bohuslän be without seafood? With proximity to Grebbestad and Fjällbacka, we have access to the freshest ingredients. Our famous and popular seafood buffet includes fresh shrimp, crab, crayfish, marinated mussels and much more. After the buffet, we serve coffee and cake, which is included at no extra cost.


The seafood buffet is served every Friday from 18.00

Weddings and parties

With over 350 years of experience, we know that no two parties are the same. You will have access to your own banquet hall or apartment.

Contact us and we will help you customize your party.

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